Friday, October 2, 2015

Reef Squid Productions is dedicated to promoting ocean conservation through pictures, artwork, and education. It is important that we all try to do at least a little bit everyday to protect our planet.

Whether we just make responsible choices in the seafood we eat (or not eating it at all), recycling as much as we can, or limiting purchases that use excessive plastic in packaging - every little bit helps.

For these reasons the pictures taken are kept in digital format until ready to print. When they do go to print, we strive to use recycled or post consumer paper whenever possible.

We use tree-friendly EcoCare frames from Nielsen Bainbridge. These frames are made from sustainable wood alternatives and reclaimed plantation woods, which do not contribute to deforestation. All frames include a glass facing. All elements are either recyclable or biodegradable, and the frame finish is water based and free of chemicals and solvents. Frames sized 8" × 10" and larger include an acid-free mat. The black frames are made from the wood of rubber trees, and the natural frames are made from bamboo.

We also print directly to aluminum sheet which infuses an environmentally friendly ink onto 100% recycled material called ChromaLuxe. Because images are infused directly into specially coated aluminum, ChromaLuxe metal prints offer unsurpassed color vibrancy, exceptional detail and color resolution and will not fade in indirect sunlight. These metal prints are lightweight, durable, and of course made with recycled material, plus they are recyclable themselves if ever you choose to do so.

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